Why is it that while everything else in the world is changing, schools stay the same?

Businesses across the world complain that schools are failing to provide children with the skills they need to compete in a global workforce.

The leading experts on education protest that our current methods of schooling are strangling the creativity and talent of children.

Yet still we stick to our cherished notions of quality education.

It’s time to stop clinging to the past.
It’s time to start imagining the future.

Imagine a school where teachers act as mentors, not as taskmasters.
Imagine a school with no classrooms.
Imagine the School of Tomorrow.

It might sound like fantasy, but educational visionaries like Seymour Papert think that such a school is on the horizon.
It’s just a matter of when we get there.

We at Beaconhouse don’t think we should have to wait.
The developing world too often merely shadows the west.
It’s time we started taking the lead.

That’s why we at Beaconhouse are holding a major international conference to rethink the very foundations of education.

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